The Truth About 4 Common Health Myths

Every generation has grown up listening to warnings and other unsubstantiated advice from parents, relatives, and friends about what will happen to their health if they do certain things. Let’s look at some of these myths about your health and go through to determine how true they are or not. Preferred Urgent Care wants patients to have all the information possible, so we deliver it to you.

Cold Leads to Illness

Even today, you can hear parents telling their children that the cold leads to sickness. However, the opposite is true. The cold will not cause the flu or cold symptoms, but there is some misinformation regarding that. Cold temperatures have been proven to show no increase in sickness while staying indoors has been shown to spread illness. Small spaces are much more likely to spread illnesses than the outdoors or cold weather.

Toilet Seats Need to Be Covered

Toilet seats in public bathrooms are known as being dirty to most individuals – which means they’re covered with a seat cover before using them. However, toilet seats in public restrooms may be cleaner than the rest of the area and other surfaces inside the bathroom, such as the door handle or the lock on the stall. Try covering your hand with a towel before touching any of these places and worry less about the bathroom seat.

You Need to Measure Water Intake

It is said everywhere that people need to be drinking at least 8 ounces of water each day. However, the number 8 is simply chosen for no reason. Your water intake varies from person to person and may change daily based on several different factors. Instead of measuring how much water you drink, keep an eye out for signs that you aren’t drinking enough.

You Should Take Daily Vitamins

Daily vitamins have been hailed as the holy grail of nutrition, but they may not be as important as you think. If you maintain a healthy and balanced diet, vitamins may not be needed as your body gets the proper dose of nutrients and minerals from food. The bigger problem is the lack of proper nutrition and healthy eating.

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