Sprain vs. Strain

An injury can happen at any moment, especially when making fast movements or playing sports of any kind. Injuries could involve any area of the body, from one of your fingers to the middle of your back, but no matter what your injury is Preferred Urgent Care has a dedicated team of medical professionals that can help you return to optimum health.

Whenever you sustain an injury, it is important that you seek help from a medical professional that can evaluate your injury and provide treatment as soon as possible. Minor strains or painful sprains can be handled effectively in our clinic, so don’t hesitate to visit if you or a family member has experienced a sprain, strain, or any other injury.

What Is a Sprain?

A sprain in the body occurs when a ligament has been stretched or torn. Your ligaments are connective tissues that keep the body’s joints supported and stabilized. When a sprain occurs, it is often caused by a shock that has knocked a joint in the body of out its position. Sprains can be mild, moderate, or severe, and may be accompanied by a tearing feeling or a popping noise from the affected joint. Some symptoms of sprains include swelling, pain, inflammation, and bruising.

What Is a Strain?

A strain happens when a tendon or a muscle in the boy has sustained an injury. Your tendons are tissues that attach muscles in the body to the bones. When a strain occurs, it is often due to overusing the tendon or muscle that is injured. Some common symptoms of strains include inflammation, weakness in the muscle, spasms in the muscles, pain, and swelling.

Should I Visit a Doctor?

If the symptoms you’re experiencing are mild, you may be able to take care of the injury at home by resting, using ice, compressing the area, and elevating the injured body part. However, you should see a medical professional as soon as possible to make sure that the injury does not need further treatment. If you wait to get care, a strain or sprain may worsen and result in complications. Visit¬†Preferred Urgent Care¬†for immediate treatment from trained professionals.

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