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Katy & Fulshear Ear Infection Treatment

Although ear infections are more common in children, adults can get them, too. Often caused by bacterial infections in the inner ear, these infections may accompany a flu or cold making it very uncomfortable to go about your day to day. Our friendly care team here at Preferred Urgent Care will evaluate the problem quickly so that treatment and healing can begin.

Identifying Ear Infection Symptoms in Children

  • Ear pain (worsen when lying down)
  • Tugs or pulls at ear
  • Cries more than usual
  • Fails to respond to sounds
  • Has a fever 
  • Has drainage from the ear
  • Has a headache
  • Difficulty maintaining balance

Treatment for an ear infection depends upon the patient’s age and the severity of the infection. Some ear infections get better without the use of antibiotics. Your primary care physician may recommend over-the-counter medications which can manage the pain. At home remedies such as a warm compress or pressing a damp cloth over the ear for several minutes may also relieve some pain.

When to Seek Immediate Ear Infection Care

  • The symptoms last for more than 24hrs
  • The pain is severe
  • The infection occurred in conjunction with a cold or flu
  • There is discharge leaking from the ear
  • If you have a fever
  • The affected is under 1-year old

Call (281) 984-6735 or walk into your nearest Preferred Urgent Care clinic today. We offer Katy & Fulshear ear infection treatment for adults and children seven days a week.


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