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Workplace Injury Treatment in Fulshear & Katy 

Occupational Medicine Focusing on the Wellbeing & Safety of Workers

Have you been hurt on the job? Workplace injuries are nothing to ignore, and even if you don’t think yours is particularly severe, it’s important to be checked by a doctor for proper treatment. You might not think your injury requires a trip to the urgent care center if it’s something small like a cut or a scrape. However, it’s important that even minor injuries are given proper attention to make sure they don’t worsen or become infected. When in doubt, it’s better to come in than risk further damage.

Preferred Urgent Care is your partner for employer health treatment whenever you need it. We partner with local companies to help keep their workforces healthy, happy, and productive and our services can guarantee your employees get the best, most convenient medical care at an appropriate treatment level. 

Employer Health Services

We offer the following types of occupational health in Fulshear and Katy:

  • Workers' Compensation and Injury Care: Injury care tailored to restore your employees’ health and get them ready to resume work
  • Health and Wellness: Customized employer services in Katy and Fulshear to help you maintain a healthy and productive workforce
  • Occupational Medicine: Pre-employment screenings conveniently located and scheduled to have your employees ready for work on day one
  • Worksite Solutions: Comprehensive and customized, high-quality employer health services on site

When you’re injured on the job, it’s important that you visit an urgent care center as soon as possible to assess and treat the injury. Our urgent care center can evaluate the nature of your injury and make sure it doesn’t become more severe. We can also help you collect the documentation you need to file a workman’s compensation claim.

We Offer X-Rays, Testing, & Screening

Our urgent care center uses the most advanced technology to administer and maintain testing and screening results to help us diagnose many common medical conditions for employers and workers. We are here to support your workforce’s needs, from immunizations and flu shots to hearing tests and anything in-between so you can safely return to or enter the workforce. 

Contact us online or reach out at (281) 984-6735 for further information. Our staff will be happy to help you learn more about our occupational medicine services.

Meet Your Care Team

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    Dr. Ebunlomo has been the Chief Executive Officer of Preferred Urgent Care since January 2016. She has drawn on her knowledge spanning over 17 years of professional experience across public health and ...
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  • “I came in for the first time since I just moved to the area and was very impressed with the location and staff! Michelle checked me in and it was very easy, everything was filled out over the phone.”

    Storm H.
  • “What a great experience! It was a quick and effortless visit! Yazmin did great with my daughters strep swab! I normally have to hold her down but she did the swab and my daughter didn’t even cry.”

    Lilian L.
  • “Recommend by a friend, after my daughter injured her ankle I walked it for treatment. The front counter , Raspberry was so welcoming, warm and friendly.”

    Kyra S.
  • “They will make you feel welcome and take care of you here I would highly recommend this urgent care to everyone.”

    Gabriela S.

  • I've been here on a few occasions back when COVID was first taking off. Always had a pleasant experience with there staff. Their providers have excellent bedside manner. Jennifer was really nice.”

    Joe D.