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AviClear in Katy & Fulshear, TX

This is the first and only FDA-cleared laser treatment for the treatment of mild, moderate, and severe acne in three quick 30-miunute treatment sessions over a 3 months period. AviClear is a laser treatment that can safely and effectively treat all skin types and can be used on all acne severities. Click here to learn more[AE1]

Contact us at (281) 984-6735 to learn more about AviClear in Katy and Fulshear, Texas.  


How does AviClear work? 

AviClear targets acne at the source. This revolutionary laser treatment uses a 1726nm wavelength to selectively target and down regulate the sebaceous glands. Overproduction of sebum by the sebaceous glands is one of the leading causes of acne. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments are needed? 

Three quick 30-miunute treatment sessions over 3 months. 

Is it safe? 

Unlike most traditional acne treatments, AviClear is free of harmful side effects, free of chemicals and toxins, and safe for all skin types and tones. After treatment, mild symptoms such as redness, inflammation and flareups are normal but fade quickly. 

Who can receive an AviClear treatment? 

AviClear can be used on adolescents and adult patients, suffering from mild, moderate and severe acne. 

Is the treatment comfortable? 

AviClear is equipped with exclusive AviCool™ sapphire skin cooling and sensory controls that maintain your skin’s temperature during treatment for a more comfortable experience.


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