What to Look For in a Pediatric Doctor Preferred Urgent Care

Toddlers and babies seem to catch about 7-8 colds each year, and children get about 5-6. You can count on these statistics. What you cannot count on are the accidents that children seem to be able to plague themselves with as they learn what they can do with their bodies. It runs the gammot with fractures to scrapes, but kids can get themselves into a lot of trouble when they get started exploring the world.

If your ‘baby’ gets hurt or sick, you want them to have the best care. Here at Preferred Urgent Care we are fully devoted to giving quality care for your entire family. We have little or ‘no wait’ time, and your service is provided by certified personnel who have been trained in pediatrics, we can all cater to the youngest of the young in our community, to give parents a peace of mind they desire.

If you are looking for and evaluating someone who will give your child the best care, here are a few items that you need to look for:

Specialized Care

A few toys in the waiting area does not provide you with quality care for your child. When it comes to taking care of your baby or child, the doctors and other healthcare professionals at Preferred Urgent Care have been trained in all the technology and medicines. They know the procedures for:

  • How to insert special catheters in those tiny veins
  • Diagnose a little one with life-threatening, but unstable conditions
  • Supervision of your little one while on a respirator or a breathing machine

Little ones have a hard time telling you what is hurting or what is wrong. The pediatric specialists we have on our team seem to know how to understand and communicate with them as well as interpret and read their signs of distress they are having at the time. The entire team provides your child with observation and monitoring during, before, and after any treatment so they can ensure the problem has been fully taken care of and addressed.

We offer top-notch pediatric care as our staff is specially trained to help put our young kids at ease with a friendly and compassionate approach. When your child is visiting our Urgent Care, it can feel scary to them, and when you add that your kid is sick and uncomfortable, it is important that everyone does what they can do to offset any fear they might encounter so your child can get on their way to better health as soon as possible.

Kid-Friendly Environment

In the beginning, we said that pediatric care did not mean a few toys in the waiting area, we want you to know that we do have a kid-friendly environment so your child can be more relaxed and hopefully it will reduce their stress. We offer them an exam room that is designed for children and takes the emphasis off the scary clinical look.

The waiting area has some toys and games to occupy the younger children who are not injured or sick. When your child has an emergency, we have little to no wait times, so your little one that is sick will not be out in the waiting area, but their brothers and sisters might.

You’re Covered

When the time comes that your child has been found to be in an emergent situation, time is of the absolute essence, and you can’t waste any time waiting for an appointment, going to an urgent care that is not prepared to handle most situations. At Preferred Urgent Care, we can offer you the same services as a hospital ER, and that means we can even handle the life-threatening emergencies for all ages.

If you need compassionate and expert pediatric care for the little ones at your house, Preferred Urgent Care is here all the time for you and your family.

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