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Being aware of one’s health and getting routine health checkups are two different matters. During this day and time, our lives are inundated with tons of information about our health that keeps beefing up our knowledge and how it benefits us to know about early detection and to do everything we can for preventative care; there is still most of the population who do not follow through.

Many will give you the excuse that they don’t have the time. Some feel that the body will take care of itself and heal automatically and if you go to a doctor, you are a weak person. And the third type of person feels that it is nothing more than an unnecessary expense and keep feeling like that until they get diagnosed with a terminal disease.

These people, the third type, are gamblers and are betting that they will never have a severe health issue. A critical illness such as cancer won’t be detected in them, but little do they know if something like cancer is not identified at the early stages it will most likely cause the death of the patient.

Preventive Health Checkup – It Matters

Prevention is far better than looking for a cure. If there is any part of our body that develops an issue, it must be found and healed at the early stage so it will not grow large and spreads throughout the body while you are not aware of what is happening.

Exercise and diet are number one in keeping fit, but if you feel that your body alone is smart enough that it can prevent cancer from seeding itself and avoiding you a horrible health problem tomorrow, then you are the worst kind of wrong.

Benefits of Periodic Health Check-UPS –

It does not matter if you are feeling well, eating well, getting enough sleep, it is still worth it to get the vaccines you need, having tests ran your doctors recommends and seeing your dentist regularly are all important.

Disease Prevention-

You must work at keeping old health problems from revisiting you. For now, help avoid those risks that are due to hereditary health issues. Keep track of any chronic conditions that reveal themselves. Stay aware and prepared for any age-related health issues.

Financial Concerns-

When your health problems grow out of proportion and get complicated, the cost of the treatment gets very high.

Up-To-Date Health Stats-

You need to stay aware of your Blood Pressure, vitamin D levels, and what your cholesterol is so you can change your lifestyle if you need to and improve your health.

Disease Identification-

It is a chance that any health condition or disease that you know nothing about can be identified.

Medical Records-

By having regular check-ups, it will develop for you a medical ‘track’ record that other doctors can refer to in the event of an emergency.

Preventive Check UPS Now Have Insurance Coverage

There are a large number of people in America who avoid seeking medical advice until it becomes a significant health problem because they cannot afford it. In the past few years, an alarming rise in many chronic diseases that are all connected with obesity.

Those people who have the chronic diseases do not get a choice but to spend a good chunk of their money (and many times their savings) to pay doctors and hospital bills because of so many hospitalizations. When you think about cancer treatment, long-term healthcare at home with visits by attendants, nurses, and doctors that often forces the patient to go through their entire life savings.

Trying for a solution to this ever growing problem, experts seem to be focusing on more preventative health check-ups looking to improve the patient’s health or to reduce financial burdens that come with chronic or other long-term diseases. It only makes good sense to spend a small amount that can be covered by the insurance that will pay for preventive health and for you to stay fit and healthy, or on the other hand, spend a fortune that most do not have to try to cure a horrible illness that could have been prevented by periodic check-ups. Insurance companies have found it is cheaper for them, in the long run, to catch something early and stop it in its tracks rather than have a catastrophic illness and deal with it.

The Tests That Should Be Included in a Health Check-up for Adult Men and Women:

  • Preventive cancer screening
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Breast exams and mammograms (women)
  • Checking Patients Weight
  • Checking blood pressure
  • Testing Lipid Profiles
  • Prostate Checks (Men)
  • Skin Tests
  • Bone Density Screening, (Checks for Osteoporosis)

How Often Should You Have a Checkup?

It was in years past that the medical society felt that everyone has annual health exams. Now, the AMA feels it should be different for men and women and different age groups. Men, over 18 years should have a thorough health checkup every five years until they turn 40 and then every one to three years. Women who fall into the same age group, this frequency should be earlier than three to five years.

Health Tests Advisable for Young Children

Children’s blood pressure should be checked. It sounds unusual, but if a child has a blood pressure issue, it can indicate there might be some trouble in that child’s future if it continues.Their hearing and vision should be checked at intervals.Regular dental check-ups and testing for lead poisoning.

Chances of living a healthy, long life is significantly improved by getting preventive check-up services. Your general health, age, lifestyle, family history, stress, drinking habits, and smoking are all some of the factors the doctors will use to predict and to advise you on what types of check-ups you need and require and how often.

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