Reducing Your Seasonal Allergies & Symptoms

It seems like the last few years seasonal allergies are worse than ever and lasting even lasting longer. At Preferred Urgent Care we frequently see patients suffering from seasonal allergies and would like to help with reducing your allergies and symptoms. Follow the below tips to help reduce your seasonal allergies:

Look at Your Diet.

We know it might not make sense, but seasonal allergies can also be affected by food. This doesn’t mean you are “allergic” however certain plants responsible for seasonal allergies can also produce food. An example would be apples, wheat and even peppers that are related to Birch trees. Certain foods such as Pineapple have also been known to reduce allergic responses and even inflammation and can be added to the diet for some symptom relief.

Avoid the Outdoors.

We know that sometimes it is impossible to completely avoid the outdoors however if you suffer from seasonal allergies it is best to limit your exposure as much as possible. When possible, opt to relax inside instead of outside.

Close Your Doors and Windows.

Along with avoiding the outdoors, it is important to make sure you keep pollen and allergens out as well! On days with moderate to high pollen counts, we recommend making sure that your whole house is sealed.

Drink More Water.

Water has many benefits, including helping to reduce the symptoms associated with seasonal allergies. It is important to remain hydrated so that your body can properly get rid of the stuff irritating it.

Get Allergy Services in Katy, TX

Can’t seem to get your allergies under control? Preferred urgent care is happy to provide allergy testing and allergy medical care in Katy, TX. Visit us today!

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