The Digital Difference: Digital X-Rays vs. Traditional X-Rays

X-rays have been used as a diagnostic tool since the 1900s. This is the oldest form of medical imaging and most frequently used. Advances in medical technology have to lead to the evolution of modern digital x-rays. State-of-the-art digital imaging offers multiple advantages over traditional x-rays.

Digital Radiography vs. Traditional X-Rays

  • Less Radiation: Digital imaging is safer than traditional x-rays because it produces 80% less radiation. While traditional x-rays are considered safe, with minimal radiation exposure, a digital x-ray offers an even lesser risk of harm.
  • More Cost Effective and Efficient: Digital technology is readily available and very affordable. The low cost of digital vs. analog is due to the price of film. It is expensive to buy and to develop. With digital x-rays the images are produced and displayed on the screen in mere seconds, there is nothing to develop.
  • Unlimited Storage Space: Another great perk with digital radiography is the ability to transfer images onto a hard drive for future use and unlimited storage space. It is difficult to store analog film, and the images lose quality over time. Digital images can also be resized easily without becoming distorted or losing quality. This helps make the diagnosis process more accurate and much easier for medical providers. Patients can view their images more clearly on a larger scale.
  • Environment-Friendly: Advanced digital technology is more environmentally-friendly than traditional methods. Digital images do not require film paper or harsh chemicals that must be disposed of out in the world. Traditional analog x-rays do.

At Preferred Urgent Care in Katy, TX, we utilize the convenience of digital X-rays to detect and diagnose conditions within the body that might otherwise be difficult to determine and treat. To learn more about digital x-ray services in Katy or contact us today at (281) 984-6735!

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