Managing the Flu: When to Seek Emergency Care

Chances are unless you’ve been living underneath a rock, you know that we are in the midst of one of the most severe flu seasons recorded in the last decade. In fact, over 50 children so far have died from flu complications. So when exactly is it time to take your child or yourself to the hospital for flu symptoms?

The Flu: When to Take Your Child to the Hospital

When it comes to the flu, it is important for parents to know when it has become an emergency and their child should be getting additional care. Most people that are healthy, including children, will recover without ever needing emergency care or hospitalization however it is still important to be educated. If your child exhibits any of the following emergency flu symptoms you should seek immediate medical care:

  • Severe Headache
  • Neck Stiffness
  • Fast Breathing
  • Trouble Breathing
  • Bluish Skin
  • Dehydration
  • Lethargy/Not Interacting
  • Extreme Irritability (Does Not Want to Be Held, Etc.)

Ultimately you know your child better than anyone else; if you notice that their condition seems to deteriorate quickly, please seek medical attention immediately. If your child has any chronic health conditions such as asthma, cancer, sickle cell disease or even diabetes you should contact your primary care provider for advice on caring for them. Children that are under the age of 2 should also be cared for with medical advice from a professional. Wondering if your child has fully recovered from the flu? Be sure to keep them home and relaxing for 24 hours after any fever is gone.

The Flu: When Adults Should Seek Emergency Care

It is also important for adults to understand the warning signs that they may need to seek emergency medical care when having the flu, these signs include:

  • Shortness of Breath/Difficulty Breathing
  • Pain/Pressure in Chest
  • Pain/Pressure in Abdomen
  • Sudden Dizziness
  • Sudden Confusion
  • Lethargy
  • Chronic Vomiting

Vaccinations are the best way to prevent the flu in your home, and it still isn’t too late to get vaccinated! Think you may have the flu? Come down to our Katy urgent care clinic today! We would be happy to treat you and often have quicker wait times than area ERs.

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