Everything You Need to Know About Iv Therapy

IV therapy entails the delivery of fluids and medications using the blood veins route. During the intravenous treatment procedure, the doctor delivers fluids, vitamins, and medications into the veins for fast onset of action.

Purpose of IV Therapy

Doctors use IV therapy to deliver fluids, medications, and vitamins to your bloodstream. Delivering fluids and medications directly into the bloodstream is advantageous since it facilitates the fast onset of action and bypasses liver metabolism.

When getting IV therapy in Katy, TX, our doctor uses an intravenous catheter to dispense the medications, fluids, and vitamins. After setting the IV, the therapist will keep monitoring it to ensure you receive the correct dosage.

Due to the fast onset of action, you will feel better within a short time. However, the timelines vary, depending on your condition. If your condition is mild, you might feel better after some minutes. Moderate to severe conditions will require large doses and will take time before recovery.

What Nutrition or Vitamins Are Delivered via IV Therapy?

Vitamins, minerals, hydration, antioxidants, and electrolytes are some of the nutritional requirements for your body. Such nutritional components ensure you feel, look, and can function optimally.

When you seek IV nutritional therapy, your doctor or therapist will examine your body. The diagnosis aims to determine the nutrients you are lacking. After a proper diagnosis, the IV therapist will design a custom treatment plan. After getting such an IV therapy near you, you don’t need to down countless bottles of vitamins or supplements.

Benefits of IV Therapy

IV therapy has a wide range of benefits, depending on your reason for seeking the treatment procedure. Two of the common benefits of IV therapy include:

Convenient and Easy

Unlike most treatment procedures, IV therapy is convenient and easy. Since the IV therapist administers the medications, fluids, and vitamins directly into the bloodstream, the results can be fast.

Promotes Health and Wellness

Infusion of vitamins, fluids, and medications supports your immune system. Apart from boosting your immunity, IV therapy helps in the hydration of your skin for aesthetics. IV therapy can also improve your energy levels.

How Does IV Therapy Work and How Long Do the Effects Last?

Our IV therapist monitors your drip IV therapy doses to ensure you are getting the right amounts. When getting IV therapy near you, the duration depends on your reason for getting the treatments.

Vitamin infusion therapy can take 45-60 minutes. However, some drip IV therapies can take longer or less time than the former. Depending on the reason for seeking IV therapy in an urgent care clinic near you, you can experience the effects immediately or after some time.

Common Uses of IV Therapy at Preferred Urgent Care

If you are wondering why you might need IV therapy, here are some of the reasons:

Migraine and Headache Relief

Some of the common triggers of migraines and headaches are environment, diet, stress, and some medications. If you are experiencing such problems, our doctor can recommend IV therapy to deliver vitamins and pain relief medications.

Hangover Relief

After a fun night out, you might wake up feeling awful. Some of the causes of hangovers are dehydration and lack of some electrolytes. To counter the hangover, our IV therapist can recommend IV therapy.

Athletic Performance Recovery

After intensive training or work out, you might feel drained. In such a case, our doctor may suggest IV nutrition therapy to restore the deficient nutrients. Fluids will help rehydrate you, while amino acids and vitamins repair worn-out tissues and restore energy, respectively.

Alleviation of Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy comes with some symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, and fatigue. To counter such symptoms, the doctor will recommend IV therapy. Our doctor can also recommend IV therapy to boost your immunity and manage cold and flu.

Where to Get IV Therapy and What Does It Cost?

If you are looking for IV therapy services near you, you can search on google. Sometimes, you can seek referrals from your family doctor, family, and friends. For Katy, TX residents, you can consider visiting us at Katy Urgent Care.

The cost of IV therapy varies depending on the reasons you are getting, medications and dosages. For example, vitamins cost $29, while treatments are from $160.

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