Home Remedies That Can Help Relieve Back Pain

There are many reasons people get back pains. Some suffer back pain due to strenuous activities like lifting heavy objects or running a marathon. Others simply take a bend while picking up a pencil and their back gives in.

While there is no definite reason for back pain, the most logical explanation for this stressful pain is as a result of acute injury or chronic use of the vertebrae in your spine. The fluid-filled disks in your spine are responsible for shock absorption, and when broken down, back pain is the result.

The good thing is, on top of medical treatments, there are core strengthening back pain exercises plus various physical therapies that dramatically alleviate its symptoms. These are listed below.

Limit Your Bed Rest

Reliable studies indicate that most people suffering from short term low-back pain have more intense symptoms compared to those who stay active. Their low-back pain effects also necessitate urgent care in Katy, Texas, compared to the latter.

At Preferred Urgent Care, Texas, we advise patients not to take more than three days of bed rest. Get active and moving as fast as possible.

Keep Exercising

Simple exercises such as walking and jogging can be outright helpful when it comes to lower back pain. Your body gets out of its sitting posture and assumes a neutral, upright stance.

We also recommend that you exercise in moderation. Avoid strenuous activities such as gardening, and avoid the activity that initially caused you back pain.

Maintain a Good Posture

You could have gotten the pain from an intense gym workout, but the strain that raptured the pain was probably building for months, even years. Our urgent care 77494 specialists note that most Americans don’t keep a good posture when performing their daily activities. This causes unwanted strain on their lower backs.

Note that by incorrectly leaning over the sink while brushing your teeth can exert up to 50% of unnecessary pressure on your lower back. By maintaining the right curvature, you take the pressure off the nerves in your spine, thus reducing back pain.

Strengthen Your Core

Most back pain exercises focus on strengthening your abdominal muscles. Even with chronic back pain, having stronger abdominal muscles can minimize the pain.

The torso is made of muscles that work together to give you an upright posture. If you have weak abdominals, other areas obviously pick the slack up. Strengthening your abdominals will effectively reduce strain, and pain, consequentially, on your lower back.

Get More Flexible

Back pains are mostly a result of too much tension and tightness. By increasing flexibility, you distribute an equal load, not only to the torso but also from the feet throughout the body to the head.

One back pain exercise to improve flexibility is sitting at the edge of the bed, with one leg on the floor and the other extended across. Stretch your hamstrings by leaning forward while retaining a neutral position on your back.

Visit a Specialist

Urgent care specialists in Katy, Texas, point out that there is no miracle aspirin that cures back pain for everyone. Some patients benefit from strengthening their core while others do better by remaining flexible and stretching.

There is, therefore, a need to find a specialized exercise physiologist, physical therapist, or a chiropractor with a specialty in back pain. They will align you with the correct exercise plan.

Apply Ice and Heat

To relieve tender trunks, cold ice packs and heating pads are a great remedy. Most doctors vouch for ice packs 48 hours after the injury – if there is swelling, especially- then switch to heat.

There is no beneficial recommendation for ice or heat to all patients. We recommend using whichever you find comforting, given your skin is protected.

Sleep in the Right Posture

Having enough rest time is as important as resting in the right position. You can get back pain from sleeping in the wrong way or if your mattress lacks support. Below are a few pointers:

  • Place pillows under your knees if you are a back sleeper
  • For side sleepers, place a pillow between your knees. It retains your spine in a neutral position.
  • Stomach sleeping can stress your back as the head and neck are forced to twist

Quit Smoking

By smoking, you not only damage your lungs but your back also. Nicotine constricts the tiny blood vessels supplying blood to the softback tissue. By quitting smoking, you might note changes in the chronic back pain you’ve always had.

Adopt Relaxation Techniques

Among the treatments of back pain are yoga, tai chi, meditation, and deep breathing. These techniques put the mind at rest and can work wonders on your back as well.

Try Talk Therapy

Issues like depression and anxiety are often associated with back pain, research shows. Your emotional state greatly influences your perception of pain. This makes therapy a great rehabilitation to lower back pain.

If your back pain doesn’t cease even after these remedies, visit our urgent care clinic near you for professional treatment.

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