Top 4 Reasons to Use an Urgent Care Center

Going to an urgent care can often be cheaper and quicker when it comes to receiving medical care and attention. Urgent care centers are great for patients, but many people don’t know whether to go to an urgent care or an emergency room. If you are experiencing any type of life-threatening illness or injury, you should go to an emergency room instead of an urgent care. An urgent care facility is designed for non-fatal issues that can be treated with the professional care available at the facility. Some of the reasons you may want to visit an urgent care center include:


A laceration, cut, or any kind of deep wound may require stitches that your local urgent care can provide. The staff will be able to determine how severe the cut is and give you the appropriate stitches as well as any vaccinations that may be needed to prevent an infection from developing in the wound. If it is a simple laceration, you do not have to visit the emergency room unless you notice that you have lost a lot of blood.

Fractures and Sprains

A sprain or fracture is an injury that can be very painful. It requires the right treatment, and you can get that treatment at an urgent care facility near you. A professional can come up with a plan to help alleviate your symptoms and possibly provide a temporary cast to protect your fracture until you can visit a specialist. With sprains, the pain can be managed, and you can get tips that help you recover successfully.


A lot of viruses, illnesses, and diseases can receive treatment at an urgent care facility. You may receive antibiotics or some type of steroid in order to treat any condition you may be experiencing. Some common infections or illnesses seen in urgent care centers include:

  • urinary tract infections
  • Pink eye
  • Strep throat
  • Bronchitis
  • Ear infections

Sudden Onset Symptoms

Symptoms that seem to happen suddenly may need medical attention immediately. If you experience vomiting, headaches, swelling, or diarrhea that is unexplained, there can be a number of causes. An urgent care center will be able to take a look at the symptoms and diagnose your issue.

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