Key Facts About Seasonal Flu Vaccine

The flu is a dangerous illness that can result in visiting the hospital or even death. Each season dealing with the flu varies and each year millions of people contract the flu. An insurmountable amount of lives are lost during each flu season, making vaccination the best choice to protect people from the effects of the flu.

Why Get Vaccinated?

Vaccinations are meant to protect individuals from contracting a potentially dangerous virus or illness. Without this protection from bacteria and germs, there would be many more instances of sickness being spread from person to person. The best way to keep germs from having devastating consequences is to get vaccinated.

How Do Vaccines Work?

The flu vaccine works by causing antibodies in the body to become active. This is accomplished by introducing an inactive version of the virus into the body, increasing the likelihood that you will fight off the virus. Traditional vaccines for the flu are designed to protect against the three main types of flu virus. However, there are other vaccines that protect against additional viruses.

What Kinds of Flu Vaccines Are There?

There are several different vaccines available, and the CDC does not recommend one over the other. They are either trivalent, targeting 3 viruses, or quadrivalent, targeting four viruses. The type of flu shot best for you can be determined by a medical professional at a Preferred Urgent Care near you. You will get valuable information to determine the best shot for your body so you can stay protected. The vaccine effectiveness is not diminished no matter which one you choose, so trust your medical professional.

Who Needs to Be Vaccinated?

Individuals that are over the age of 6 months should get a flu vaccination every time flu season comes around. This is the standard recommendation from the CDC to prevent the spread of the illness. Vaccinations prevent contracting the flu or spreading it to others, lowering the risk of individuals around you becoming infected.

The benefits of vaccines are numerous. They prevent disease and illness from becoming epidemics and affecting even more individuals than they already do. To protect the world around you, speak with your doctor about flu vaccination.

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