Heart Attack Symptoms for Women – No Chest Pain?

While you do all you can to stay healthy in this day and age, in an instant and can all change. The symptoms for a heart attack vary from men to women. According to a recent study, women are less likely to have classic symptoms during a heart attack. In the following article, we will discuss what to look for, and not only for yourself, but also for the women in your life who are closest to you. It’s important to us that the citizens of Katy, TX, stay safe, and we at Preferred Urgent Care do all we can now to help tragedy from striking in the future.

No Chest Pain for Heart Attacks?

Chest pain being a symptom of a heart attack is one of the most commonly-known symptoms of a heart attack. However, 43% of the women in a recent study did not have any chest pain during their heart attack.

Before a Heart Attack

Before a heart attack, women experienced unusual fatigue, indigestion, anxiety, shortness of breath, and sleep disturbance. While all of these symptoms may be things that women have to endure when they are not having a heart attack, they can also be indications of a serious problem.

During a Heart Attack

According to the same study, during a heart attack, women experienced shortness of breath, weakness, cold sweat, dizziness, and unusual fatigue. Be sure to be on the lookout for these symptoms as well, in the case that you may be experiencing a heart attack.

Heart Attacks: Here’s What You Need to Know

A heart attack can occur when the heart muscle does not receive sufficient blood. This makes this particular situation time-sensitive, because if blood flow is not immediately restored, an individual can experience severe damage to their heart muscle. Without being able to identify a heart attack properly, the risk of the heart attack causing long-lasting harm dramatically increases. It’s important that you dedicate the necessary time to learn about heart attacks and their impact.

How to Assist a Heart Attack Victim

In the case that you or someone you know is currently experiencing a heart attack, is important that you first call 911. After 911 is called, you can chew and swallow an aspirin, perform CPR, use an AED, and of course seek medical attention immediately. We at Preferred Urgent Care in Katy, TX, have the necessary tools and knowledge to treat a heart attack victim in a moment’s notice. Give us a call as soon as possible.

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