3 More Causes of Dizziness That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Before you make a mad dash to the emergency room because you are dizzy, stop for a minute and evaluate why you may be feeling this way. It seems that dizziness is the second ‘most popular’ reason for doctor’s visits. Few folks ever know why they ever started feeling dizzy, to begin with, they only know they are dizzy and miserable.

At some time or the other, dizziness affects 70% of the population. Other reasons that might be causing you to feel dizzy as well and give you a hint as to whether you should go to urgent care.

Causes of Dizziness

  • Low blood pressure — hypotension, will make one feel dizzy and tired. There are some who have drops in the blood pressure when they stand up quickly, known as orthostatic hypotension. It can be a symptom of another condition, but can also be its own chronic problem. It can also be caused by too many blood pressure medications. You should see your primary physician or nearby urgent care to be evaluated to make sure you are not suffering from shock.
  • Benign positional vertigo — vertigo can affect your sense of balance, and will cause you to feel like you are spinning or swaying when you turn over, get up, lay down or tilt your head. It is a fluid disturbance in your inner ear where crystals of calcium carbonate have entered your ear canals. Benign positional vertigo can be a medical diagnosis that lasts you a lifetime.
  • Excessive exercise — We all know that exercise is a must for a healthy body and mind but to over-exert yourself during a workout can make you feel dizzy. Make sure you take breaks and drink lots of water during your exercise. It is never a good idea to work out when you have an empty stomach.

So, When Should You Go to the Urgent Care When You Are Dizzy?

If the dizziness doesn’t go away in a couple of days or keeps repeating frequently; then you should go to an emergency room if you or a loved one have had a head injury recently, or lost consciousness, or experienced any loss of vision.

If you ignore the fact that you are dizzy day after day, it could result in a life-threatening matter. If you continue to stay dizzy, go to your local urgent care as soon as possible to follow up on the reason for these repeated bouts.

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