Tips for Staying Healthy During the Summer

Wanting to ensure you and your family is staying healthy during the summer? Making sure that you drink enough water and are staying hydrated should be a top priority. Be sure to always bring water for outdoor activities and monitor how hot you and your family is getting. Along with stayinh hydrated, properly protecting your skin for the sun should also be a high priority. Swimming can be a dangerous activity without proper supervision, make sure your children always follow the rules and practice pool safety techniques.

Does your child participate in sports? Wearing the proper protective equipment can help ensure they do not suffer a traumatic sports injury. When traveling inside and outside of the country, vaccinations can be important to ensuring you and your loved ones stay healthy.

In the event you or a loved one becomes ill or is injured, do not hesitate to contact Preferred Urgent Care in Katy, TX. Although we hope all of our patients remain healthy, we are always happy to help get you back to feeling great!

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