Bring Your Child in for Their Yearly Physical Before the School Year

Kids can change dramatically in just one year. By scheduling an annual physical exam, you can monitor your child’s growth, overall health and development, and screen for potential ailments.

Why are Back to School Physicals Required? Are Annual Physical Exams, Wellness Checks and Sports Exams the Same Type of Pediatrician Visit?

Annual physical exam and vaccination requirements are different for every state and vary depending on the school.  Typically, the goal of school administrators is to safeguard the health of your child, his or her classmates and others in the community.

Each of these examination types is viewed as preventative care. Visits that fall under preventive care guidelines are geared toward early detection of potential problems. These growth and development screenings are very important for monitoring your child’s health and to determine what is working well and what lifestyle changes need to be made to improve the child’s wellness.

When is the Best Time to Schedule My Child’s Annual Physical?

The preferred time to schedule your child’s annual examination is right before the start of each new school year. Although every school system varies with their requirements, you will need to supply medical records for your child to attend school and to participate in youth sports and other extracurricular activities. Contact your pediatrician, schedule your annual back to school physical and make sure your child is developing strong and healthy and is ready for the new academic year.

How Can I Prepare My Child for a Back to School Physical Exam?

You can prepare your child ahead by giving a son or daughter a quick overview of what to expect. Talk about actions will take place during the examination, like how the pediatrician will check their height and weight, and look inside their nose, ears, and eyes. Also, discuss which vaccines may be given during a set appointment.  Taking the time to explain what will happen and letting your child ask questions will eliminate the fear of the unexpected and minimize anxiety.

How Should I Prepare for Our Back to School Pediatrician Visit?

There are a few ways parents can prepare ahead for their child’s back to school physical. It is helpful to have the following information available before entering the pediatrician’s office:

  • Any changes or updates to your family medical history
  • Changes in your child’s health since the last visit
  • Compile a list of any nonprescription medications your child is taking
  • Have insurance cards ready

Safeguarding your child’s health into adulthood is your pediatrician’s top priority. Annual physicals not only protect your child’s well-being, but they also protect the health of the whole community.

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